For New Case Evaluations please scroll below the contact form and review the intake information needed and then provide us with this information in the message box below.

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New Case Evaluation-Intake Information

Please include the following information in your message above if you are requesting a free and confidential case evalution:

1)       Timeline Description


Example: On January 6, 2019, at 1:00pm at The Ivory Tower (address, phone), Office Manager, Saul Goodman fired Project Leader, Hope Mikalson, claiming sexual harassment.  Hope received a letter. 

Critical dates are when the problem began, when it ended, and/or if it is ongoing. 
Dates are important because of statute of limitations which is the time limit to pursue legal action based on type of case and state of injury. Only a couple descriptions of recurring activity are necessary for this summary.  

You can describe with a span of dates as well.
Example: “being taunted every day for ten months.”

Be sure to list in each event if there was documentation or witnesses. If there were witnesses, who were they?

2)      Provide a couple of sentences about how you felt when the main injury occurred and any related events immediately after.
Example: How was the ambulance ride after auto accident?

3)      Provide a couple of sentences about how you feel now.

4)      Provide a couple of sentences about what you want to reduce your pain and suffering.