Attorneys Paul C. Garner of Garnerlaw,, Charles A. Bonner and A. Cabral Bonner have filed a pending lawsuit on behalf of the sailors who have been victimized due to radiation exposure.  Our team includes our chief investigator, Daryl J. Brooks, CFE of Carlsbad, CA who can be contacted directly:

We continue to seek justice for these first responders who served aboard the USS Ronald Reagan (CVN76), other Navy vessels including the Essex, Washington, Prebble, Germantown and others that responded to the Fukushima disaster.

Our legal team just filed a Third Amended Complaint in San Diego Federal Court.  Many are suffering from leukemias, thyroid cancer, abnormal gynecological and rectal bleeeding, brain tumors, testicular cancer, migraine headaches, as well as many other life-altering conditions.  We will be adding additional named victims in the future.  Our mission is to help establish a medical treatment and compensation fund to provide aide to our clients.


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