Richmond fires more officers in exploitation sex scandal

Four officers have been fired and five disciplined altogether in the investigation

RICHMOND — Three more Richmond officers will be fired in the wake of allegations that dozens of Bay Area police officers exploited the sex-trafficked teenage daughter of an Oakland police dispatcher.

Mayor Tom Butt confirmed in an email Saturday that city officials have decided to fire three officers who were previously designated to be demoted or suspended. A total of four Richmond officers have lost their jobs as a result of the Bay Area-wide police sex exploitation scandal.

Four Richmond cops to be fired in connection with Celeste Guap case

Four of the 11 Richmond police officers investigated in connection with the Celeste Guap case will be fired, according to news reports, citing statements from City Manager Bill Lindsay and Mayor Tom Butt.

The scandal involved a number of law enforcement officials from multiple Bay Area agencies who reportedly had improper contact with Celeste Guap, the alias used by a teenager and self-proclaimed sex worker from Richmond. Her real name is not being used as she is considered a sex trafficking victim.

An internal investigation into 11 Richmond officers found to have had improper contact with the teenager found that none had committed a criminal offense. None had had improper contact with Guap, age 19, when she was underage, the city says.

2 Oakland police officers in court on sex charges

Two more Oakland police officers were arraigned Friday on sex-crime charges that critics say fit a pattern of inappropriate behavior that has embroiled law enforcement agencies across the Bay Area and outraged community leaders.

Officer Giovanni LoVerde, 33, was charged with felony oral copulation with a minor, a case that is connected to an extensive police misconduct investigation involving a sexually exploited 19-year-old Richmond woman. Officer Ryan Walterhouse, 26, who was arrested earlier this week, was hit with two felony counts of obstruction of justice and one count of engaging in prostitution.

Both men, who remain employed by the Oakland Police Department, pleaded not guilty to the charges in the Hayward Hall of Justice and were ordered to cut off all communication with the women with whom they allegedly had inappropriate contact.

Alameda County prosecutors have accused seven current and former East Bay law enforcement officials, including LoVerde, of crimes related to contact they had with the teenager, whose mother is an Oakland police dispatcher.

Investigators said that Walterhouse, who is engaged, had paid a different woman — a prostitute — for sex Oct. 1 in a Castro Valley motel and twice warned her about undercover prostitution stings.

Oakland city leaders grapple with another police officer’s prostitution arrest

OAKLAND –Still reeling from a massive sex-misconduct scandal, the Oakland Police Department was punched again Thursday with revelations that another officer has been accused of prostitution-related crimes.

The Wednesday arrest of Officer Ryan Walterhouse prolongs the public embarrassment for a department embroiled in the scandal involving several of its officers and the teenage daughter of a police dispatcher. Five Oakland officers are facing charges in that case, which is unrelated to the allegations against Walterhouse. 

Oakland police officer arrested for prostitution offenses

An officer from a department already embroiled in a prostitution scandal is accused of sleeping with and trading information about police activity to a sex worker, according to a report.

The officer identified in local media as Ryan Walterhouse was arrested Thursday and faces possible charges for obstruction of justice and prostitution-related offenses, the Oakland Police Department said in a release.