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Woman at center of police sex scandal files $18M claim against San Francisco

Retired Oakland cop in court for allegedly failing to report sex abuse

Retired Oakland police Sgt. LeRoy Johnson had no comment as he appeared in court Monday, accused of not reporting child abuse involving Jasmine Abuslin, the daughter of an Oakland police dispatcher.

Johnson did not enter a plea and was ordered to return to court in December. His attorney also declined to discuss the case.Retired Oakland cop in court for allegedly failing to report sex abuse

Prosecutors say Johnson had a private Facebook chat with Abuslin on Sept. 21. According to Alameda County prosecutors, she told Johnson that she had sex with other Oakland police officers — and told him not to tell anyone.

Jasmine Abuslin’s ‘new life’ began in safe house with armed guards

But she got there in a controversial way. It involved wearing bullet proof vests in public and living in a safe house where she was under 24-hour protection from armed guards.

Richmond fires more officers in exploitation sex scandal

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RICHMOND — Three more Richmond officers will be fired in the wake of allegations that dozens of Bay Area police officers exploited the sex-trafficked teenage daughter of an Oakland police dispatcher.

Mayor Tom Butt confirmed in an email Saturday that city officials have decided to fire three officers who were previously designated to be demoted or suspended. A total of four Richmond officers have lost their jobs as a result of the Bay Area-wide police sex exploitation scandal.

Four Richmond cops to be fired in connection with Celeste Guap case

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Four of the 11 Richmond police officers investigated in connection with the Celeste Guap case will be fired, according to news reports, citing statements from City Manager Bill Lindsay and Mayor Tom Butt.

The scandal involved a number of law enforcement officials from multiple Bay Area agencies who reportedly had improper contact with Celeste Guap, the alias used by a teenager and self-proclaimed sex worker from Richmond. Her real name is not being used as she is considered a sex trafficking victim.

An internal investigation into 11 Richmond officers found to have had improper contact with the teenager found that none had committed a criminal offense. None had had improper contact with Guap, age 19, when she was underage, the city says.